Customized Workshops:

Evidence-based programs personally designed for you.

For Individuals  

You will spend 2–4 full days doing intensive personal work that is custom designed to meet your personal needs and interests. We will thoroughly explore your life, what you’ve been through, and how you got here. Through this process you will connect to yourself in a profoundly deep and meaningful way, the result of which will be an intuitive sense of how to best care for yourself and your relationships moving forward. Your schedule may include holistic interventions where indicated for health and wellness and may include bodywork, yoga, massage, aromatherapy, psychodrama, EMDR, and equine-assisted activities. 

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For Couples

You will spend 3–5 days doing intensive work on your relationship. After we’ve created an emotionally safe working environment, we’ll delve deeply into your relationship dynamics. We’ll work together toward healing any old wounds that just won’t go away and are keeping your relationship from thriving. You’ll learn tools for resolving conflicts in a healthy way, you’ll learn and practice more effective ways to meet one another’s needs, and you’ll participate in meaningful and connecting activities that will have long-lasting, positive effects on your relationship moving forward. 

For pricing please contact me directly

  Photo by Manuela Stefan

Photo by Manuela Stefan

Group Workshops:

Dancing in the Light of the Moon
A Therapeutic Workshop in Whole-Hearted Living

3 day workshop in Ocala, FL
December 1–3, 2017

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Training Workshops:

Hidalgo, Mexico
ON THE BACKS OF GIANTS is co-hosting Natural Lifemanship’s training “The Fundamentals of Trauma-Focused Equine-Assisted Therapy” at the acclaimed Rancho Las Cascadas in beautiful rural Hildalgo, Mexico!

In this four-day training, participants will learn how trauma shows up in relationships, how to treat it, and how a horse’s natural instincts help to heal connections and pain from trauma. Guests will also have the opportunity to ride daily into the beautiful Mexican countryside, enjoy the jacuzzi under a starry sky, and be pampered in friendly Mexican hospitality. 

Fundamentals Training & Retreat - September 1st-4th, 2017, Rancho Las Cascadas, Mexico - Natural Lifemanship

Experience the Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship retreat-style at an all-inclusive guest ranch in the beautiful highlands of Mexico! Learn more

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