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"I am so beyond grateful to have been able to join this group and be part of the Connecting With Spirit Retreat!  It was so freeing to be in Mexico, surrounded by love and light at the Rancho.  It would not have been the same experience and not nearly as rewarding had I been there without the group.  I highly recommend flying solo for this experience, you make many new wonderful friends along the way and you will treasure the memories made for the rest of your life!  Give your soul this beautiful gift!"  
Aubrey E.

"Quite simply, this was the best trip I've ever been on, and I have missed Mexico every day since returning. The retreat was beautifully run by the leaders; and the seamless interweaving of riding, inner work, yoga, good people, and good food left a permanent impression on my life."
Chris C.

"Most amazing experience of my life"
🐴💕 Teresa R.

“Everything about this retreat was perfect for me….from the wonderful heart-centered work Jody led us through to the sweet little guest ranch and its perfect accommodations, to the beautiful countryside of Mexico and its kind people and amazing food, to the noble horse beings we were lucky enough to bond with (riding and otherwise).”
Lisa H.

"What an adventure! Most surprising is how working with the horses has helped me in my personal relationships. Very powerful and lots of fun. This was my 2nd time, and I look forward to going again."  
Jim C.

"The experience of working with the horses gave me new insights and emotional awareness that years of conventional talk therapy failed to do."
Karen D.

“The staff are all simply wonderful, and my accommodations were spectacular!”

“Everything seemed to be perfectly timed with just the right level of intensity of emotional work.”

“These retreats are life-changing! The skilled staff, the beautiful environment, and best of all the healing experiential work with the horses makes for an unforgettable week. I plan to return many more times!”
Paige Kelly, LCSW

“I’m leaving with a sense of hope and healing on a level I never dreamed.”  

“The safety of this magical experience allowed me to release pain carried for 30 years.” 

 “I felt and experienced trust and safety which opened me to heal the wounds to my soul that kept me from moving forward on an enlightened path.” Rebecca  

“This experience supported my emergence into a new space in my life!”

“This week was an incredible experience of personal growth. I have made new friends, released some of my pain, and had an overall powerful experience, with the help of loving and skilled leaders, all in a beautiful setting.” 

“…. a magical, loving, safe retreat allowing for therapeutic work coupled with adventure, in an unparalleled setting, which is worth the travel by itself.  Bravo!”

What an enriching and amazing experience!  There was support and care every step of the way from Jody and the team she put together! 
Connie G.

“I would highly recommend if you are able to attend Jody’s next Epona retreat, do. It exceeded my wildest expectations. Jody is a truly gifted healer, with a willingness to incorporate cultures, spiritual practices & soul expanding experiences.” 
Jean M.

This was a trip of a lifetime and I can't wait to do another one. Thank you for your vision in leading these tremendous retreats.


"The retreat experience was completely rejuvenating in spirit, restorative of the power within, and joyous! A completely safe area with absolutely beautiful people, horses, and the food was fabulous. I cannot wait to go back again!”  
Alice T.

"Jody made a fantastic leader. She has an ability to create a safe group environment and lead with intuition and sensitivity. She has a wonderful combination of seriousness, education, fun, and emotion."
Nick B.

"My daughter and I attended the retreat together and we were not disappointed! We resolved some old issues and set a foundation for a fresh and more mature rapport."
Kate J.

"During the activities, I felt so grounded and present... no past, no future, only NOW. I learned so much about myself, and I loved it!"  
Jen B.

“I’ve been on many retreats. This was by far the best ever: personal growth through connecting with a horse - in a deeply meaningful way - wow, my dream come true. I will be going again and again!”
Peggy A.

"As a somewhat fearful 'woman of a certain age' who had only been on a horse briefly in her childhood, I was able to go beyond my fears and enjoy the thrill of learning to horseback ride thanks to the skillful and gentle support this workshop provided."
Deborah N.

 “Are you quietly yearning for Empowerment? Transformation? A sense of unity and connection? Do you wonder what it would be like to totally trust and feel safe? Give yourself this amazingly incredible gift of adventure. You simply must! You will never be the same again!”  
Jill W.

"Just as good the second time! Amazing...so healing, so safe, so spiritual. What a gift. Thank you! 

“The retreat was life-changing. I was able to get back to my true self, my true nature. I left filled with so much love, joy, gratitude, a feeling of empowerment and a life-time of memories.”  
Devon G.

“This was my 3rd time! I always return home with an open heart and filled with love!”  

“This was one of the best experiences of my life. I never knew I could meet people that are so real, raw, and open. The therapy on this trip is unbelievable and so easy.They listen and help, with no judgement, and it’s just beautiful. There’s nothing like getting a quick therapy fix while you’re in Mexico on a horse. It’s unbelievable!”  
Carlin G.

“….exceeded any expectations and I am left with a heart filled with an abundance….” 

“….I feel like a new person….” 

“There is no way to put the magic of this experience into words - so beautiful and special.” 

“This trip was one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had.  I recommend this to anyone who feels lost, needs healing, or needs that little boost.” 

“An amazing and fulfilling adventure!! Jody makes all arrangements for a powerful. Personal experience with a wonderful balance of culture, fun and personal growth.”

“[The] Morocco [Retreat] gave me freedom from past trauma and an empowering experience with women just like me.  EPONA Retreat is like no other healing experience I've had, as well as an opportunity for adventure, nurturing, and connection!  Thank you for this magical journey!”

“I’ve never had an adventure quite so perfectly balanced for tuning up my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Epona Retreats- Morocco will be an experience that stays with me forever, and the work we did there will live in me forever. … You introduced Morocco to my soul and me to Morocco’s soul. See you in Mexico... insha’allah.”