Hi, I’m Jody Cross, and I’m a psychotherapist in private practice and a retreat leader. I also do freelance contract work with a select few organizations. (see below) 

In addition to my License as a Clinical Social Worker, I’m certified in Experiential Therapy (CET), evidence-based Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), and I have over 10 years of training and experience in Psychodrama. All of these powerful Experiential Therapy modalities help my clients quickly uncover what’s not working in their lives, and move them forward into healthier relationships with themselves and others.  

I work with adult individuals, couples, and groups. I specialize in relationship trauma, dysfunctional relationship patterns, attachment issues, addiction and codependency, grief and loss, depression, and anxiety. 


My freelance work includes Onsite Workshops, Nashville, TN, the world's leader in therapeutic and personal growth workshops, and The Guest House, Ocala, FL, a world class, concierge style treatment center for trauma, substance abuse, and process addictions. 

I have worked with Onsite Workshops for over 10 years and I facilitate many of their programs including Living Centered, Healing Love Addiction, Reconnecting Couples, Equine Therapy Nashville, and Equine Therapy Montana, as well as lead 3-5 day Individual and Couples Intensives.  I am also a supervisor of the Intensive Programs. 

Five years ago I founded EPONA RETREATS, LLC, Adventures of the Heart and Soul.  Years of direct experience working with clients coupled with my own personal journey lead me to create immersive, destination travel, therapeutic and wellness experiences. In these programs I’ve incorporated some of the most effective therapeutic interventions and best practices in mental health and wellness.  The experience takes you out of the therapist's office and into the world itself on a once in a lifetime, transformational journey.

EPONA'S Mission Statement:  To offer transformational experiences that result in long-lasting positive effects on participant's lives, using research-based design and best practices in mental health and wellness, at an affordable price.

Retreat themes include:

  • Living in Connection

  • Codependency and Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families

  • The Lost Self

  • Love Addiction

  • Healing Couples

  • Trust after Betrayal

  • Relationship Attunement


When I’m not working, I’m stalking my almost-adult daughter in hopes of getting some of her precious time, as well as spending time with Eloise, our beloved canine who loves lounging together almost as much as she loves playing and searching for treasures at the beach.